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About us

‘‘My name is Pastor Meg Nwachukwu (Founder of Real Woman Magazine), it is an absolute pleasure to welcome you to the online Real Woman (RW) magazine. I am excited that you are here! Allow me to share with you a brief background on RW. ’’

‘The wise women builds her house, but with her
own hands the foolish one tears hers down.’ Proverbs 14:1

Real Woman was established in 2011, as a monthly publication in response to the most pressing issues such as depression, high levels of stress and pressure in family, professional and social contexts which are worsened by over exposure to social media. Real Woman is a platform created by women for women, which is designed to assist women to redirect their focus through providing content that affirms and celebrates them. Real Woman also seeks to reveal identity and offer ways in which women can cultivate their faith and foster spiritual growth. We are passionate about building healthy homes and communities. We believe that women should be placed at the center of our work as they are the very heartbeat upon which the success of such a project depends upon. As our reader, we commit to bringing you an authentic publication and thoughtful engagement focused on lifestyle content and tools to help you navigate everyday life whilst giving expression to the very best of you. We look forward to addressing challenging topics with you.

Our Mission

Our objective is to entertain, mentor and guide women spiritually through practical stories of everyday living. No matter what season of life you are in, Real Woman aims to give you real world advice that will help you in your Christian walk. We serve women who desire inspirational content that will
empower and elevate them in their journey with God
as well as in all spheres of their life. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide women with key information that will uplift, heal and restore them. We are committed to helping  women deepen their connection with God, and the Christian culture at every stage of their spiritual journey.

Our Values

  • To evangelise and create awareness on spiritual life
  • To heal and retore
  • To uplift and transform lives of women
  • To provide Christian mentorship
  • To support the biblical mandate
  • To spread truth through integrity

At RW we believe that every woman has something to deliver to her generation because she has a womb, to conceive, nurture and deliver.  That is why it is important to discover  who you are in the kingdom of the Lord.

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