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                                                          ” OH WOMAN”
   The woman is the most blessed and endowed creature of God, it was only a woman that had an assignment even before she was created.
   In the beginning after the creation of man, God saw that he was alone and He said I will make him a help mate, so from the beginning a woman had a ministry and purpose to fulfill on earth. So how you fulfill it is now up to you.
  God placed the woman above all creatures, and that is what makes her a home builder. God the creator of the heavens and the earth gave the woman a very vital role on earth, to build the home and take care of it because He knows that the entire universe revolves round the home. Which means if every woman builds her home to God’s standard, the universe would be a home for all as the home is the nucleus of the universe. So as a woman you must understand who you are.
   It so painful today that the woman has limited herself to what the society thinks or says and not what she could be, who says you are a weaker sex and as such you have no place in the society? Biblically, you are the most important being God ever created, understand your position in the society today and brace up to face your responsibilities of building and caring. You are what you think you are.
   The womb of the woman is the only legal  entry point to the world. God gave His most treasured and loved to the woman to recreate, keep and take care of, ( the world, John 3:16), which shows how important the woman is. Without the woman there is no hope for the world. The woman is wonderfully made out of bones of the man and the image of God.
    The greatest man in the bible and till date,  (Jesus ), came to the earth through a woman and as far as the earth is concern, God can not do without the woman.
   Woman you are you are too loaded to fail,
   Woman you are the perfection of God’s creation,
    Woman you are the destiny of every creature.
  Woman becareful, you are more than what you think you are, everyone on earth is the seed of a woman. To build a victorious house, home, family and universe, you must understand who you are and what you stand for, because nothing good happens to the earth without the woman’s seed.
                                                           FULFILLING YOUR ASSIGNMENT AS A WOMAN
!. Have power over your emotions, you don’t need to be emotional and depressed, You need to pray and face all the challenges of life boldly because that is your first assignment.
 Note: If you must succeed as a woman you must face and deal with the devil in prayers and in praises to God your maker, whenever a reason comes up for you to cry, give the devil one million reasons why you should dance and praise. (Jude ! : 20). Praying in the Holy Ghost gives you rest in place of depression and peace in place of worry ( Isaiah 28 : 11), ( Psalm 103 : 1).
2. Don’t take decisions based on present situations and circumstances.
3. Don’t make decisions based on your past experiences of hurts and hatred, tomorrow is always going to be better if only you make use of your today wisely.
4. Becareful what you watch, see, hear and read because your mouth, eyes, ears, and private organs are the gate way to your soul and the devil knows this.Whatever, you sees, reads, watch and hear are stored in your soul.
5. Look for your Elizabeth. Luke 1 : 36, and not Jezebel. Who is your friend? Don’t let your friends choose you, but choose your friends, people you would learn from and who would always be there to pray and give you a hug when you needs it most.
  Conclusively, every wise woman builds her home and stands as a role model to her kids and the society at large, know who you are today because that little child next door might just be looking up to you as a mentor and you are just that special being the society needs to get there. Woman you are the glory of the earth.
By pastor Baldwin Nwachukwu



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