About Us

rwwThe Real Woman Magazine was formerly given birth to in March 2011, with the printing / publication of our first issue. The magazine is about relationships and interaction and also to handle issues that affect men and women in general. Real Woman Magazine is not just a magazine to entertain people, but a vision. In 2010, I got a conviction of this vision with a burden I could not resist. I prayed through and I received divine direction not knowing what exactly I should do.

It is a Non-governmental organization which gives back to the society. It is apparent that lot of persons have lost their identities owing to culture, tradition or gender issues. The vision of this magazine is to reveal the true identity of women through:

  • Informative articles: Bringing the understanding of who a woman is, from a biblical perspective because God is our creator.
  • To empower lives through knowledge and skills: This is our beginning point. How to handle their marriages, relationships, about lifestyles etc.
  • Stories of human triumphs: Those who have been through a lot, yet with God on their side have achieved a lot. We share practical experiences. What you go through can either make you or destroy you.
  • And the yearning for a spiritual connection with God through our Christian articles in the magazine: Points every woman to God.
  • To help the less privileged.

Our objectives include:

  • Developing Capacities through skill development programs like conferences that opens peoples understanding to see what is in them and stop waiting.
  • Empowering of women through training in the areas of skill, so they can be self employed. Even if you are not opportune to go to school, they will know that there is something left called talent. Women have a lot to offer. The reason is to train people that will also train others and in so doing, everyone will be enlightened to fight for change. Education is very important in development.
  • Rural Development: In this regard we take it to them. We make it look like fun to achieve our aim.
  • Poverty Eradication: When potentials are developed, success is attainable.
  • Helping the less privileged: In some unique ways, a lot of these homes already have food to eat but they are lacking in some other things like exposures, interactions, spending quality time together, motivations you get from parents. That is where we come in fully, to make them live normal lives. We have undertaken several activities like visitation of orphanages. These we do under our social responsibility platform because we strongly believe in giving back to the society.

We started in 2011 with little or no knowledge of magazine publication, but there were two Christian magazines that helped us with the concept of packaging when we started researching about magazines and they are: Joy magazine and Destiny magazine. One thing is to write and another is to present it appropriately to look like a magazine. We also met a lot of printers and publishers for more ideas and afterwards we published two   (2) issues. We started with the first issue in March, it went very well and we published the second one in June 2011. In 2012, we printed only one magazine for the whole year which was our 3rd issue. This was how challenging it was at the beginning. With the 3rd issue, we started looking for distributors and we got one that agreed to take us at our small scale level. The distribution company, Ezweni distribution company assisted us in applying for a listing at CNA which was approved.

Currently, Real Woman Magazine is listed with CNA stores nationwide and is distributed all over South Africa. We also sell in Nigeria and Swaziland and we are looking at moving into Mozambique. We publish on a quarterly basis printing about 1,000 copies per issue. Issue five (5) was the first on shelves and ever since that time we have been publishing to meet up with the demands on CNA stores and Ezweni Distribution Company.

Although Real Woman Magazine is a Christian magazine, however, our publication covers the following areas of everyday life:

  • News & events.
  • Fashion & beauty.
  • Health & fitness.
  • Business advices
  • Entertainment &sport.

If you have suggestions to promote / push our magazine forward, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you.

Pastor Margaret Nwachukwu.