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Who is a Real Woman


God’s intentions for you as a woman… A real woman is a woman who has discovered a divine plan for her life. She has discovered the hidden treasure in her which is called ‘potential’. This potential makes her different from other women, and she works tirelessly to bring it to physical reality. Qualities of a […]

 Posted on:5 May 2015

Rumours of war – Signs of the end time


Fear, terror has become the order of the day as we hear from different countries and cities rumours of war, earthquakes, and brothers killing brothers for no just cause. Hatred now dwells amongst neighbours. Is the world really coming to an end soon? What about the bomb blast here and there? These are signs of […]

 Posted on:5 May 2015

Valentines Day: How to please him or her


All over the word self-acclaimed lovers are busy, getting ready to do something special for someone or getting ready to receive something special from someone. As is usual with placing high expectations on human capabilities, tons and tons of self-acclaimed lovers worldwide suffer colossal heart breaks on valentine’s day, countless hearts hoping on genuine love […]

 Posted on:5 May 2015

What not to say to your boss

Two managers having conversation

I used to work for a radio station when I started my professional journalism and broadcasting career.  I was a young, very high-performing person. At the station I had a disciplinarian for a boss. Every morning, as I passed by his office running down to the studio to do my broadcasts, he would look down at […]

 Posted on:4 May 2015

Passion for Fashion

Even if you’ve never done a sketch or sewn a button, you can have a career in fashion. Being a designer is obviously one of the most visible roles you can have in the industry, but there are other ventures with just as much excitement and fun. Meet a few fashion lovers Meet a Fashion […]

 Posted on:4 May 2015